Head and Shoulders

Good day Traders,

Here is an indicator that I designed that is my version of the head and shoulders pattern. If you like it add it to your chart and see if it works for you.

The white trend lines are there to indicate to you how it more or less works. The green/red line is when the patter has been formed. I struggle to make it an area. If you know how please let me know or do it yourself.

I do hope this can help people and also help you make the right trades.

Please know that Im not a programmer and do this as a hobby.(The programming part)
Thank you :D
發布通知: Alert has been added.
發布通知: Added a few more things. Trying to improve on the indicator. Please share your comments and thought. Thank you.
發布通知: New and better alert system. Thanks to K2traders that helped showing me the mistake.

Hope you all enjoy.

Please leave comments and like if you want.

Thanks :)
發布通知: Correct update not the previous one.
發布通知: Traders,
Here is an example of what you can look for, but please do remember that this is still an indicator. It is not an every time trade option with a guarantee win trade. Technical analysis and everything else that goes with trading still applies. Doesnt matter which custom indicator you use.




This works on all time frames.
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How do I add alert
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NicoTrade001 tvchitiyo
@tvchitiyo, right click on chart, then click on alert. Make sure that on the first option at the top of the menu you select Head and Shoulders then click on Once per bar close. That is how I do it.
This looks too good on the history)) (btcusd 15 min). I will watch it alive from now.
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mrgr888n mrgr888n
@mrgr888n, ok, it has lag at least 1 hour.
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NotFrank247 mrgr888n
@mrgr888n, it doesn't lag. In the settings the default is it looks to the left and right by 4 time frames. On a 15m chart, that means that it needs an hour on both sides to confirm the pattern
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Is the white line supposed to appear? or it is just in your drawing for explaining purposes?
look prommising , just want to clarify is this indicator re-painted or fixed ?
Thks in advance
biraz daha açıklarmısın. yeşil ve kırmızı nasıl kullanacağız.
bir kaç tane örnek verirmisin.

hangi saat daha iyi çalışıyor. 1 , 2 , 3, 4 ?

lütfen. sizleri seviyoruz
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