Forecast: PastFluxDelta Prediction

The theory is that time periods and the conditions during these periods repeat themselves. Especially if it is the same day of the week in the past, there is a high probability that price fluctuations will roughly repeat themselves.

Eternal return (or eternal recurrence) is a philosophical concept which states that time repeats itself in an infinite loop, and that exactly the same events will continue to occur in exactly the same way, over and over again, for eternity.

History does repeat itself.

The stock market is a manifest example.

Chief market strategist at Miller Tabak + Co. Matt Maley pointed out the strong resemblance between the stock market recently and that in the past.

Various scientific studies and articles show that there could be something to this theory

Most of the investors are ignoring the parallels between stocks today and "heady" years 1929, 1999 and 2007…

Post Labor Day sees investors returning to the S&P 500 near all-time highs and some dark economic shadows lurking …

So how should we regard these inescapable results?

Nietzsche said we should embrace them, accept them, and love them. Once they stop, expect them to start again.

But remember that the future is fundamentally uncertain and that past results are by no means a guarantee of future performance.

Based on this, this indicator uses historical trading data from a year, a week or a day ago and compares price fluctuations in the past with current conditions.

"Bars to predict" can be used to indicate how far into the future the indicator is looking.

"Amount of bars to show" determines how many bars are generally displayed. A high value allows you to see how accurate the method was in the past.


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