Whale Hunter [Gu5]

Indicator to show a big change (Whale) in the same candle
The candles change color, until the Momentum returns to zero

After the movement of a whale, the market is usually on range, and there may be false entries

The default values (2.618% and 20 lenght), are optimized for BTCUSD 15m


Este indicador muestrar un gran cambio porcentual (ballena) en la misma vela
Las velas cambian de color, hasta que el Momentum vuelve a cero

Luego de el movimiento de una ballena, el mercado suele quedar en lateral, y puede haber falsas entradas

Los valores por defecto (2.618% y 20 lenght), están optimizados para BTCUSD 15m
發布通知: Fix Bug
發布通知: Clean code




Well done! Any idea how can I find the best settings for other instruments?
For example ETH USDT, BCH USDT...
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Hello! Great indicator! How can we use it to trade forex? Thanks!
can you provide details from your trading and using this system? or how to trade USD with it?