CMO with ATR and LagF Filtering - RevNR - 12-27-22

Rev NR of the CMO ATR, with LagF Filtering - Released 12-27-22 by @Hockeydude84
This code takes Chande Momentum Oscillator (CMO), adds a coded ATR option and then filters the result through a Laguerre Filter (LagF) to reduce erroneous signals.
This code also has an option for self adjusting alpha on the Lag, via a lookback table and monitoring the price rate of change (ROC) in the lookback length.
Faster ROC will allow the LagF to move faster, slower price action will slow down LagF reaction. Pausing of signals is also present based on Rate of Change of the LagF Curve
Aggressive signals and Base signaling is allowed - aggressive bases signals on increase/decrease of previous LagF curve value point, Base is greater or less than 0

Original Code credits; Lost some of this due to time and multiple script manipulations, I believe the CMO origin code is from @TradingView House Code, and the LagF from @KıvançÖzbilgiç

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