MTF Shifting BBs + Reverse Engineering RSIs Overlay on Chart

Another multi-timeframe indicator presents 3 MTF (each) Bollinger Bands and 3 MTF (each) Reverse Engineering RSI and of course with shifting (left/right) capability.
RERSI in a simple term is the RSI but on the main chart alongside with candles.

There are many adjustable options like:
- Show/Hide each BB
- Show/Hide each MA
- Non-integer BB deviation values
- Positive/Negative shifting values
- Show/Hide each RSI
- Show/Hide each RSI Mid Level
- Adjustable Overbought, Oversold and Mid Levels values

I wrote this after my first script MTFSBB, because it's very useful to have BBs and RSIs together on a chart.
Calculating RERSIs will take some time, so be patient with it and feel free to use it.
發布通知: A tweak to default order of band colors

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