UT Bot Strategy

UT Bot indicator was inially developer by @Yo_adriiiiaan
Idea of original code belongs @HPotter

I just took code of Yo_adriiiiaan, cleaned it, deleted all useless pieces of code, transformet to v4 and created a strategy from it.
Also I added an input that allows you to swich to signals from Heiking Ashi. I saw that author uses HA for the indicator and on HA it look much nices then on real candles.
Do not add this strategy to HA candles, use usual candles and this checkbox.

Original script:

從喜愛的腳本中移除 添加到喜愛的腳本
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hello how do i install it on tryd?
should this be used with HA or not?
@RaynizM, You have an option to use HA as input, but you're free to use what works best for you.
Setup animal bro !!!
I wonder if there is how to adapt this script to other trading platforms around the world. Here in Brazil, to trade, I need to use the platform of Nelogic Profitchart Pro. Can you help me friend ??? Thanks in advance.
QuantNomad SapTrader
@SapTrader, Sorry dude, no idea about Nelogic Profitchart Pro.
is it repaint ?
Thank you for the update.

Noob question : what practical difference will be In using the v4 vs the v3 one, except the backtesting ?
QuantNomad drutrading88
@drutrading88, Well, don't think that there is big difference here between v3 and v4 in tersms of performance or accuracy of the strategy. It's just good to have all in newest version to be able to use all new features.
Hi, is there also a version with alerts? Want to use test this with 3comma bot :-)

QuantNomad jos-willem
@jos-willem, There is a link in the description to the original script, there are alerts, but it is in v3.
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