Crypto Measurer

I'm proud to finally announce the Crypto measurer!!!, 20 coins chosen from the selection available at Binance, you're free to modify the code to add your own coins or remove them or if you use another exchange.

This works similar to the SCSM, except it's for cryptos, never miss a PUMP & DUMP scheme again, don't get tricked into buying the losing coins anymore. The stronger coins are at the top while the losing coins at the bottom, works on any TF too, but be careful of volatility in lower TFs.

This picture is only of ETH and BTC, see how ethereum rallies in mid april until mid may, then bitcoin becomes the more dominating coin and remains like that, pushing ETH/BTC lower.

Again, here it's the chart for ETH and BNB, with the corresponding comparison.

And here is LTC/BTC to finish the comparisons.

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