Binance Big Open Interest Delta Change v2

Note: This script will only work properly with Binance Futures symbols.

This script simply looks at the open interest for the symbol you are currently viewing and determines if a large change in open interest has occurred, which triggers a background color alert.

It does this by comparing the absolute value of the range of the current open interest bar with a simple average (length set by user) of the past x range. The user also determines what is considered a 'large' change in open interest by setting a multiplier with which the current range must exceed compared to the average range in order to trigger an alert.

If the change in open interest is an increase in OI, the alert is blue, and if the change in open interest is a decrease, the alert is orange .

The open interest ticker that is used for calculation is derived by adding the current ticker and "_OI" so that it auto changes each time you switch to a new Binance futures contract.


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