Custom script I fabricated which I use for Binary Trading on the 1m & 3m charts together with Price action & Time management but the principles are the same for all mediums. Use Price action buy/sell in the clear zones. Use the outer 'pink' horizontal lines (highs / lows / pivots points) to place SL's.
I personally run an additional BB 50/2 for clearer BB higher highs & lower low perspective, but it's not part of the script. Script variables are fully customisable.
I don't take ownership of any part of the script, I not a programmer /script writer just a dabbler. Enjoy :) - VDUBONG UPDATED
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study(title="vdubong", shorttitle="vdubong", overlay=true)

length1 = input(20, minval=1, title="Upper Channel")
length2 = input(20, minval=1, title="Lower Channel")

upper = highest(length1)
lower = lowest(length2)

basis = avg(upper, lower)

l = plot(lower, style=line, linewidth=1, color=fuchsia, title="lower" )
u = plot(upper, style=line, linewidth=1, color=fuchsia, title="upper")

src = close, len = input(50, minval=1, title="MA")
out = sma(src, len)
plot(out, color=red, linewidth=2, title="MA")

source = close
length = input(20, minval=1), mult = input(1.5, minval=0.001, maxval=400)
dev = mult * stdev(source, length)
BBupper = basis + dev
BBlower = basis - dev
p1 = plot(BBupper, color=blue)
p2 = plot(BBlower, color=blue)
fill(p1, p2)
vdubong update
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