60-Day Accumulated Increasing Rate

Is this Bitcoin bull run still driven by new investors and new funds? Definitely. That’s why the 60-day accumulative increasing rate is so important and it can even determine everything. The only thing that can be trusted is the math. In history, each capital inflow uptrend bull run has ended once the 60-day accumulative increasing rate reached a high level and when the short-term euphoric investors push BTC price to rise at a fast speed and use up all kinds of leverages. At that point, there’s no time for new investors and new funds to flow in, thus the cryptocurrency market will crash from the global top.

In that sense, the crashes on 4th September, 2017 and 19th May, 2021 didn’t end the bull run, instead,they lengthened the bull run span.The last bull run cycle (2017) might have ended prematurely when BTC reached $10,000, recording 150% accumulated increase over 60 days. Then BTC won’t be pumped up to $20,000 if the course wasn’t interrupted by September 4th, 2017 incident.

Technical analysts(they are far from trustworthy, full of bollocks) call the correction of BTC: “consolidation or wipeout”, just like that diabetes is called as Liver Qi Stagnation, weight lossing, being thirsty and other symptoms. It’s quite fun to watch so many people explaining it in a false concept. Everyone knows what the maths is. That’s enough.

PS: This indicator can only be applied to Bitcoin daily chart!



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