Hull Moving Average + Bollinger Bands

This study make use of Hull Moving Average and Bollinger Bands .

The crosses give signal about HMA and BB crossovers, they are a bit lagging, if you stare well you will spot them a little earlier. It look like a good idea to buy and sell when HMA is near or on the outside of the outer bands.

By default the Bollinger Bands uses Simple Moving Average with 21 periodes, and Hull Moving Average use 9 periodes. You can alter the settings in the format dialog.

Please use as pleased, and if you do something clever with it I'll be happy to know :D
發布通知: Added EMA 200.
Fixed some conditionals.
發布通知: Added TD sequential.
Added half deviation lines to bollinger bands, upper and lower.
Removed EMA use
發布通知: Change Bollinger bands speed to the default 20 periodes.
發布通知: Added inputs for show and hide TD Sequential and to add custom multiplier to the bands.
Changed slightly the color of Hull MA
Changed to use the default price as close.
發布通知: Stronger colors.
Added option to show and hide TD count.
發布通知: Removed background on Bollinger Bands
Added alert condition to Hull when it moves above or beneath the close of price.
Added alert condition to TD when count is either 7 or 13. Getting signal on 7 gives you time to see if the trend is changing or if it will continue.
發布通知: Added Keltner Channels
發布通知: Changed Keltner Channels length to the default 20.
發布通知: Added Parabolic SAR.
發布通知: Tighter SAR defaults.
發布通知: Removed TD sequential (give me a comment if you miss it).
Added option to show and hide SAR. (SAR default is hidden).
Added option to show and hide plots on hull/price crossover, used for guidance to better se buy and sell signals within the bands. Mind the false signal! (Plot default is hidden).




Will you please provide some more information about how to properly use the buy/sell countdown flags?
still learning how to use but so far looks great! Thanks!
Skrymtn pamcconnell496
@pamcconnell496, Hi. You probably got things more sorted by now. But buy near bottom of bands and sell near top is the basic strategy. Price tends to reverse at the middle band, so look for that. I use RSI and BB%B together with this indicator, and still learning every day.
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