FluidTrades - SMC Lite

Price action and supply and demand is a key strategy use in trading. We wanted it to be easy and efficient for user to identify these zones, so the user can focus less on marking up charts and focus more on executing trades.

This indicator shows you supply and demand zones by using pivot points to show you the recent highs and the recent lows.


This indicator includes some features relevant to SMC , these are highlighted below:

Full internal & swing market structure labeling in real-time
Swing Structure: Displays the swing structure labels & solid lines on the chart (BOS).
Supply & demand ( bullish & bearish )
Swing Points: Displays swing points labels on chart such as HH, HL, LH, LL.
Options to style the indicator to more easily display these concepts

White OB (supply): search for short opportunities
Blue OB (demand): search for long opportunities

Break of structure ( BOS )
For markets to move up and down a break in market structure must occur. A break in market structure occurs when the market begins to shift direction and break the previous HH and HL or HL and LL of the market. We also integrated the feature that you can see the BOS lines. In the indicator settings you can adjust the color of the label.

SwingHigh/Low Length: Allows the user to select Historical (default) or Present, which displays only recent data on the chart.
Supply/demand box width: Allows user to change the size of the supply and demand box
History to keep: allows the user to select how many most recent supply & demand box appear on the chart.

Visual settings
Show zig zag : allow user to see market patters within the market
Show price action labels: allow user to turn on/off the (swing points)
Supply box color : allow users to change the color of their supply box
Demand box color : allow users to change the color of their supply box
Bos label color : allow users to change the color of their BOS label
Poi label color : allow user to change the color of their POI label
Price action label : allow users to change the color of their swing points labels
Zig zag color : allow users to change the color of the zig/zag market patters

Never blindly take a trade on a supply/demand box - wait for a proper market structure to occur before considering a trade.


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