PivotPoints with Momentum confirmation by PeterO

Who wouldn't like to be able to tell when the market actually reverses instead of just faking it? Every trader who has tried pivothigh/pivotlow functions for that, surely bumped into so many meaningless reversal signals, that probably got discouraged with this concept entirely.

Yet, pivot points are very important. Only they need to be confirmed at least a little bit (you'll never know for sure, you understand that right?)

This script enhances pivot-points mechanism with by confirming potential pivot point with actual reversal in momentum. If momentum reversal is also noticed in synch with the pivothigh/pivotlow, then you've got yourself a reversal - marked on the chart with red or green triangle. You can visually compare where those triangles are marked as compared to those small black ones, meaning the standard pivothigh(high,1,1)/pivotlow(low,1,1). Check yourself how many times this method would save us from pre-mature entry. On average 2/3 pivot points are filtered out.

This is a non-delayed confirmation - there is no waiting for another candle to close, just looking to another indicator for a match.Trader needs to take a decision immediately because if he hesitates, he will be late for sure. Also sometimes this script produces signal even before a full pivot-point is formed, as pin-bar analysis is also included here.

What this script IS NOT:
- a complete trading map. Don't take trade on each green or red triangle. You still need to do your homework on market direction, trend, phase, wave, etc. But at least you have the "trigger" part done.
- these pivot points are still not "guaranteed". You never know the future even as close as the very next candle, so the market can continue its trend right after it produces reversal signal. The aim of this indicator was only to filter out those potential pivot points , which didn't really look like reversals.

If you think this method could be improved somehow or would like to share your thoughts or approach, don't hesitate to reach out to me or write down in comments.

P.S. Credit goes to UCSGEARS for his Top&Bottom candle script. Amazing work. I used the momentum calculation from there.

I auto-execute TradingView Alerts into MT4/MT5 using this: 1-second delivery. Ping me if you need support with installation.

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