KayeDinero Ranger HFX NFX

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This script combines my favorite indicators with an added flare.

The mindset for this strategy is a ranging market, where price is moving in a consistent wave like pattern.

The most unique concept of this script is the candlestick indications. This is different from other scripts on the platform because of the close tie in with the relative strength index as well as the on balance volume .

Best Traded during Hours 3am to 12am EST (NY Time).
This method works best in volatile markets.

Time Frame, 1,3,5,15,30min
Currency Pairs: All Major, Exotic,

Here's The Strategy:
Uptrend and Buy: When those are present, proceed to take a buy (call) option.
Downtrend and Sell: When those are present, proceed to take a sell (put) option.

Keep in mind, timeframe will depend on your time of trading in the markets.
Morning typically 2-4min
Afternoon / Evening: 3-5min

Best Trades on reversals at top and bottom of Bollinger bands .
The divergence indicator shown is not in the script, however, provides a good additional confirmation.
The user can use the signals from the script and strategy alongside the divergence indicator for perfect entry conditions.

The Trading GOAT is the added explanation of the divergence indicator. This is allows combined knowledge of momentum direction in using this script.