Consolidation Breakout [Indian Market Timing]

OK let's get started ,

A Day Trading (Intraday) Consolidation Breakout Indication Strategy that explains time condition for Indian Markets .
The commission is also included in the strategy .
The basic idea is ,

1) Price crosses above upper band , indicated by a color change (green) is the Long condition .
2) Price crosses below lower band , indicated by a color change (red) is the Short condition .
3) ATR is used for trailing after entry

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// ————————> TIME CONDITION <————————— //
// ═══════════════════════════════//
The Indian Markets open at 9:15am and closes at 3:30pm.
The time_condition specifies the time at which Entries should happen .
"Close All" function closes all the trades at 2:57pm.
All open trades get closed at 2:57pm , because some brokers dont allow you to place fresh intraday orders after 3pm.

// ═══════════════════════════════════════════════ //
// ————————> BACKTEST RESULTS ( 114 CLOSED TRADES )<————————— //
// ═══════════════════════════════════════════════ //
LENGTH , MULT (factor) and ATR can be changed for better backtest results.
The strategy applied to NIFTY (3 min Time-Frame and contract size 5) gives us 60% profitability , as shown below
It was tested for a period a 8 months with a Profit Factor of 2.2 , avg Trade of 6000Rs profit and Sharpe Ratio : 0.67
The graph has a Linear Curve with consistent profits.

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