Supertrend Grid 1.0

See the current pair's Supertrend direction on 4 different timeframes at once, so you won't get caught with your pants down trading against the trend. Handy for quickly space-barring through a watchlist.

Default settings are (from top to bottom) Daily, 4H, 1H and 15M but these can be changed. Any suggestions, let me know.
Apr 02
發布通知: Version 1.1:
Scalping timeframes (10, 5, 3 & 1 mins) added to options, as suggested by @rb5. Also cleaned up some variable naming.
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Be great if you could amend the settings for day trading, ie: 1m, 2m, 5m, 10m etc
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@rb5, Cheers for the suggestion, I've added it to the script.
Thanks for sharing your script. Just looked at it today. It looks very interesting. I changed the default of 240 min to 180 since I only look at it during the day. Rest are the same. Thanks again.
Thank you for the script. Really useful and save me a lot of time. Cheers
scarf br_crypto
It's all about working smarter, brah. Glad you like it
The Demark TD and the Supertrend Grid are fantastic indicators. Thanks so much Scarf. Appreciate your contributions
scarf MerihliMert
Well, thank you. I appreciate that you appreciate it.
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