Golden Swap (Zeiierman)

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The Golden Swap indicator, as designed by Zeiierman, focuses on identifying reversal points around the key levels indicated by the indicator. This pattern works by analyzing the relationship between current and past price movements, considering factors like price symmetry, baseline boundaries, and precision pin bar formations. It can offer insights into potential market reversals, allowing for more precise entries and exits.

How It Works
Golden Swap Long
In a market with bullish momentum, we expect the price to dip a bit before it continues to rise again. This dip is like a small retreat in an overall march upwards. So, the pattern aims to assess whether the current period's dip is relatively shallow, indicating that the overall bullish momentum remains robust despite temporary price fluctuations.

Golden Swap Short
In a market with bearish momentum (indicating selling pressure or bearish sentiment), we may still see the price rise a bit before continuing its drop. This temporary rise is like a slight bounce in an overall downward movement. In simpler terms, even when the price bounces up a bit, it's not strong enough to overcome the recent pressure of selling. The sellers are still dominating, and the price will likely continue to drop.

The signal is reinforced by symmetry, BaselineBound criteria, and a bearish Precision PinBar.

Symmetry in Price Movements: The pattern uses the Symmetry Precision filter to analyze the symmetry of recent price movements. This helps in determining the likelihood of a reversal. A high degree of symmetry suggests a more reliable reversal signal.

BaselineBound Criteria: This component involves the BaselineBound Threshold, which acts as a filter to validate the strength of the potential reversal. Bullish and bearish conditions are assessed based on how the current close price compares to a calculated range around the high and low of the previous period.

Precision PinBar Analysis: The pattern also incorporates the Precision PinBar filter, which evaluates the characteristics of the recent price bars. A Precision PinBar is a candlestick with a small body and a long tail, indicating a potential reversal.

Display of Key Levels: The indicator can show Open, High, and Low levels for selected timeframes, helping traders identify key price points.

How to Use
The Golden Swap pattern is a valuable confirmation tool, particularly around key levels or session highs and lows. It highlights instances where a previous high or low has been respected, followed by a price reversal—flipping back up in an upward trend (Golden Swap Long) or flipping back down in a downward trend (Golden Swap Short). When this pattern emerges near a key level, it strongly suggests that the price will continue moving in the direction indicated by the current trend.

Consider it akin to a minor liquidity hunt above the previous high or below the previous low. The presence of the Golden Swap pattern, especially when aligned with other indicators and filters, enhances its reliability as a signal for the continuation of the prevailing market trend.

  • Timeframe Selection: Choose from various timeframes for signal calculation.
  • Filter Adjustments: Fine-tune the Symmetry Precision, BaselineBound Threshold, and Precision PinBar settings to filter signals according to specific criteria.
  • Display Options for Key Levels: Enable or disable the display of key price levels and select timeframes for these levels.

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