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New _CM_Ultimate_MA_MTF_V4 - Update - 08-24-2021
  • Thanks to @SKTennis for help with code
  • Added Ability to Plot 1 or 2 Moving Averages - Fast MA & Slow MA
  • Added Ability to Plot Fast MA with Multi TimeFrame
  • Added Ability to Plot Slow MA with Multi TimeFrame
  • Added Ability to Color Fast MA Based on Slope of MA
  • Added Ability to Color Fast MA based on being Above/Below Slow MA
  • Added Ability to Plot 8 Types of Moving Averages
  • Simple, Exponential, Weighted, Hull, VWMA , RMA, TEMA , & Tilson T3
  • Added Ability to Set Alerts Based on:
  • Slope Change in the Fast MA Or Fast MA Crossing Above/Below Slow MA.
  • Added Ability to Plot "Fill" if Both Moving Averages are Turned ON
  • Added Ability to control Transparency of Fill
  • Added Alerts to Settings Pane.
  • Customized how Alerts work. Must keep Checked in Settings Pane, and When you go to Alerts Panel, Change Symbol to Indicator (_CM_Ultimate_MA_MTF_V4)
  • Customized Alerts to Show Symbol, TimeFrame, Closing Price, & Moving Average Signal Name in Alert
  • Alerts are Pre-Set to only Alert on Bar Close
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