NVME Currency Strength Pro

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NVME Currency Strength Pro was made to help confirm the trends, to help stay in winning positions longer and to help you get out of losing trades sooner. So why is ours unique? The answer is simple, unlike other currency strength indicators, ours loads in 2 seconds rather than 15 seconds or longer, which will cause less frustration when changing settings. Also, we have done a different approach to the usual line base for the currency strengths, with ours we have made implemented it with our module and used the data provided to create a price following bubble and oscillator that shows you what is in an uptrend or a downtrend. There are multiple options for you to customise and it is really easy to use and understand.

The steps to follow for using this indicator since data will be inputted manually:
1) Goto settings and change pair id 's input to the pair that you are currently analysing.
2) Change pair id 's input to a pair that begins with the ending of the first pair, for example 1st pair is EURUSD so 2nd pair would be any USD pair.
3) Play around with the calculation module pre-sets and the length settings to find what you like the look off.
4) Enjoy :)

NVME Currency Strength Pro works well with NVME Vanquisher X Algorithm and NVME Oscillator X.
Added an automatic mode
More Customisation to the indicator
More calculation modules to choose from
Minor Fixes
Slight Performance Increase
Added labels so you know which pair is which.
Added new automatic filter modes
Removed pointless dashboard
Added watermark
Fully customisable colours added
Gradient Mode added
Automatic now supports other assets outside of forex (not recommended)
Minor changes and fixes.

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