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Modified & Updated script from MARKET VOLUME by Ricardo M Arjona @XeL_Arjona that Includes Aggregated Volume , Delta Buy/Sell Pressure

Aggregation code originally from Crypt0rus

***The indicator can be used for any coin/symbol to aggregate volume , but it has to be set up manually***
***The indicator can be used with specific symbol data only by disabling the aggregation option, which allows for it to be used on any symbol***

- Calculated based on Aggregated Volume instead of by symbol volume . Using aggregated data makes it more accurate and allows to compare volume flow between different kinds of markets (Spot, Futures , Perpetuals, Futures+Perpetuals and All Volume ).

- As well, in order to make the data as accurate as possible, the data from each exchange aggregated is normalized to report always in terms of 1 BTC . In case this indicator is used for another symbol, the calculations can be adjusted manually to make it always report data in terms of 1 contract/coin.

- Buy/Sell Pressure: Smoothens the buy and sell volume into a signal for each. Which makes it easier to identify Buy and Sell Volume Flow.

- Buy/Sell Delta Pressure: Calculates the difference between Buy & Sell Pressure and plots a Delta signal that shows who is in control currently.

- Buy/Sell + Delta Pressure: Displays both Buy & Sell Pressure and Delta pressure. This can help to visualize who is in control but also how much pressure there is on each side.

- A Moving Average can be plotted to the Delta pressure. This, with confluence, can give great entries/exits

Things to look for:

- Divergences: If price keeps moving in one direction but the pressure to that side decreases it can be inferred that the move might slow down soon or revert. As well if pressure to one side increases but price does not react to it, it signals that the other side is stronger.

- MA/Zero Crossovers: Delta Pressure Crossover of its moving average or the 0 Line can indicate direction changes prematurely

  • Switched FTX pairs default setting to OFF to increase accuracy
Fixed Invalid Symbol Issue
- Fixed Invalid Symbol Error

If you want to support the work:

BTC: bc1qvag25270s20gqyun9sndjnv7tnvx8jj5ay62n5

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