Moving Average Multitool Crossover

As per request, this is a moving average crossover version of my original moving average multitool script.

It allows you to easily access and switch between different types of moving averages, without having to continuously add and remove different moving averages from your chart. This should make backtesting moving average crossovers much, much more easier. It also has the option to show buy and sell signals for the crossovers of the chosen moving averages.

It contains the following moving averages:
發布通知: Fixed buy and sell labels being position too far from price on lower timeframe charts.
發布通知: Corrected 2nd MA's plot title, and added offset as an input to the Arnaud Legoux MA (ALMA).
發布通知: Merged WWMA and RMA, since they result in a perfectly identical calculation. Cleaned up code.

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