Companion::Insurgent is a combined indicators strategy. Performances are pretty good on 1D, 4H and 1H timeframes and it can be used on Bitcoin and Altcoin markets.

Mainly, it is a trategy based on Ehlers formulas.

Used indicators:

- Ehlers Instantaneous Trend: trendline analysis;
- Ehlers Super Bandpass Filter: momentum detection;
- EMA: Long/Short time selector.

What the script does:

- determines trendlines combining mulitple indicators;
- automaticlally calculates Take profit and Stop Loss levels;
- permits automation generating Autoview signals (create an alert with {{strategy.order.alert_message}} in message text field to trap Autoview commands;
- supports for margin trading. Spot trading will be added in the future.


Backtest is not leveraged. Defaults are set as follow:

Capital: 10000
Percent of equity used for trades: 10%
Commission: 0.18% this is Bitfinex commission on orders

Change them accordingly on how you trade to get a more realistic backtest results.
發布通知: Changes:

- Added parameter to set percentage of Equity to trade
發布通知: Changes:

- Autoview support for BTC 10x leverage on Bitfinex
- Cosmetic changes
發布通知: Changes:

- Added Heartbeat and Status Info option;
- Now Autoview commands and messages are managed using new reliable and transparent Pine Script alert() function.

FYI: please note that every time you update a strategy or change strategy parameters you will need to create a new Alert and delete the old one, otherwise the old Alert will continue to work with the old setup.
發布通知: Changes:

- Added some new options;
- Revamped parameters tab.
發布通知: Changes:
- strategy improvements;
- cosmetic changes.
發布通知: Changes:

- cosmetic changes;
- removed transp argument, soon deprecated in pine script.
發布通知: Changes:

- added new filters;
- added ability to apply trailing stops to Longs, Shorts or both.