Take profit and Stop Loss ATR HL [Tcs] | ALGO

This indicator helps traders set stop loss and take profit levels based on either ATR or High-Low range.

The indicator calculates stop loss and take profit levels for both long and short positions, based on the user's input of ATR length, ATR smoothing method, and multiplier levels for each level. It’s possible to set 3 levels of take profit, for both long and short trades.
The indicator also includes the option to show or hide levels, bands, and labels for the calculated stop loss and take profit levels.

Additionally, the indicator has a function to calculate the user's risk based on their account balance, risk percentage, and broker fees.

Overall, this indicator can be helpful for traders who use stop loss and take profit levels in their trading strategies and want a visual representation of those levels on their charts.
Please note that this indicator is for educational purposes only and should not be used for trading without further testing and analysis.

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