Keltner Channel - Trend Based Strategy

This strategy is based on 3 main indicators.

1st indicator is a trend indicator, which consists of SMA and EMA
2nd is Keltner Channel
3rd is DM indicator.

The conditions for the entry of this strategy are following:

First of all the assets need to be in an upward trend, this will occur when the EMA will cross SMA . The next condition for the entry is the opening and the closure of the candle. The open price of the candle should be in the upper part of the Keltner Channel and the close price should be above the Keltner channel. The third condition for the DM indicator is to be above a certain benchmakr. This benchmark can be set in the settings of the strategy.

The strategy has two potential Take Profit levels and single stop-loss levels. For the more efficient way you may try an use the trailing stop or extend the number of take-profit levels.


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