ILM Seasonality Monthly - Day of Month - Tabular Form

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Use this indicator on Daily Timeframe

This indicator displays the seasonality data for any instrument (index/stock/ futures /currency) in a tabular data by day of the month (Day 1..31).

User can change the start of the year and month for analysis from the inputs.

Year is represented in rows and Day of the month (Day) is represented in cols.
This indicator uses Daily Data feed to calculate the % change
Summary data for Day of month is displayed at the bottom of the table
  • Added Cumulative Option as Input. When enabled, table cells will display the cumulative gains for the month. This will help visually to identify the trend changes during the month
  • Added Cumulative Aggregate as well at the bottom of the table
  • Leaving the value blank when there is no data for a cell if market is closed for that day (Sat/Sun/Holiday)
Fixed an issue with US Futures to adjust of Sunday Open
Incremented version


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