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Cumulative TICK Trend indicator is a comprehensive trading tool that uses TICK data to define the market's cumulative trend. Trend is shown on ATR EMA bands, which is overlaid on the price chart. Cumulative TICK shown on the bottom pane is for reference only.

Main features of the Cumulative TICK Trend Indicator include:

Selectable TICK Source: You have the flexibility to choose your preferred TICK source from the following options, depending on the market you trade: USI:TICK, USI:TICKQ, USI:TICKI, and USI:TICKA.
TICK Data Type: Select the type of TICK data to use, options include: Close, Open, hl2, ohlc4, hlc3.
Simple Moving Average (SMA): You can choose to apply an SMA on the calculated Cumulative TICK values with a customizable length.
Average True Range (ATR) Bands: It provides the option to display ATR bands with adjustable settings. This includes the ATR period, EMA period, source for the ATR calculation, and the ATR multiplier for the upper band.
Trend Color Customization: You can customize the color of the bull and bear trends according to your preference.
Smooth Line Option: This setting allows you to smooth the ATR Bands with a customizable length.

How it Works:

This indicator accumulates TICK data during market hours (9:30-16:00) as per the New York time zone and resets at the start of a new session or the end of the regular session. This cumulative TICK value is then used to determine the trend.

The trend is defined as bullish if the SMA of cumulative TICK is equal to or greater than zero and bearish if it's less than zero. Additionally, this indicator plots the ATR bands, which can be used as volatility measures. The Upper ATR Band and Lower ATR Band can be made smoother using the SMA, according to the trader's preference.

The plot includes two parts for each trend: a stronger color (Red for bear, Green for bull) when the trend is ongoing, and a lighter color when the trend seems to be changing.

Remember, this tool is intended to be used as part of a comprehensive trading strategy. Always ensure you are managing risk appropriately and consulting various data sources to make informed trading decisions.
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