Combined MTF Camarilla Pivots (HA + Candles)

This is a fairly basic (but hopefully useful) indicator that combines three time-frames of Camarilla pivots into one.

Default time-frames are:
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly

Time-frames can be modified as you wish, they are just set to these as I generally only trade higher intervals (just note that formatting labels will not change - but you can update these as needed).

The Camarilla pivots displayed are as follows:
  • R3, R4, R5, R6
  • Pivot line (Middle/Base)
  • S3, S4, S5, S6

R1/S1 & R2/S2 are excluded to make way for R5/S5 & R6 /S6 - as these are more useful for the majority of traders. The formula for levels 5/6 are always up for debate, as no official formula has ever been released. I've used what I consider a mid, or consensus calculation.

By default all historical pivot levels are displayed, as there can be some benefit to mapping these forward once the relevant period has ended. If people find it's too cluttered I'll look into having an option to display the current period only.

Unfortunately, TradingView doesn't allow labels on plots (seems like such a basic feature to be missing, but there you go), so you'll have to learn the colours/linewidths.

Oh, and there's a checkbox to enable pivots to be calculated on Heiken-Ashi prices/candles rather than default prices/candles. This heavily modifies the location of the Camarilla Pivots , but I've found that in certain situations you can get some great results.

Let me know your thoughts/comments/suggestions.


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