Weeknights Donchian Cloud

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Donchian Channel Trading system visualised as a cloud.

Regular/Quick inputs;

Length: 20
Entry Length: 20
Stop Length: 10

Alternate/Slower Inputs;

Length: 55
Entry Length: 55
Stop Length: 20

For a more in-depth review, look up "Turtle Trading" rules

The simplest way to use the cloud;

-When the cloud flips from above to below (support), close any shorts and open a long
-When the cloud flips from below to above (resistance), close any longs and open a short
-Cloud is flipped based on a breakout on the high / low
-Most effectively used on the daily, but can be used on any time frame
-For traditional markets, an input of 20 is most commonly used
-For 24/7 markets, an input of 28 is most commonly used
-Find an input that makes the most sense to you!

I appreciate any feedback, feel free to message me on twitter / comment!

Twitter ; @ImWeeknight

Credit to user KivancOzbilgic for helping with the script
Added the resolution option to pin indicators to a time frame if desired
fixed up "upper" and "lower" text
Updated due to TradingView Errors

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