Gives 4 values:
- Relative Volume: needs the first 5M candle to have closed to give a good value then updates every 5 minute throughout the day. Compares to the historical Volume on the last 30 days on the SAME time period from Open.
Most indicators compare to the average volume on any 30min period, thus highly overestimating the RVOL at Open when Volume is higher.
- Expected Volume on the day in Million of shares given the RVOL.
- Average True Range on the last 14 days
- Expected Range on the day given the ATR & the RVOL.
Warning: Expected Range is just an estimation from data I gathered but the Day's range can be way higher or lower than that. Also if RVOL > 3 then the estimation works less & less.

As this was originally coded just for me I don't ask user input for things like the lookback period or the refresh period. You have to make a copy & go in the code and modify it if you want to change it.

Also the data displayed is given for the candle on which your cursor is !
Works best on 5-minute and above chart timeframes.

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