RiverFlow ADX Screener

RiverFlow ADX Screener, Scans ADX and Donchian Trend values across various Timeframes. This screener provides support to the Riverflow indicator. Riverflow concept is based on Two indicators. Donchian Channel and ADX or DMI.

How to implement?
1.Donchian Channel with period 20
2. ADX / DMI 14,14 threshold 20

Entry / Exit:
1. Buy/Sell Signal from ADX Crossovers.
2. Trend Confirmation Donchian Channel.
3. Major Trend EMA 200

After a buy/sell is generated by ADX Crossover, Check for Donchian Trend. it has to be in same direction as trend. for FTT trades take 2x limit. for Forex and Stocks take 1:1.5, SL must be placed below recent swing. One can use Riverflow indicator for better results.

ADX Indicator is plotted with
Plus: Green line
Minus: Red Line
ADX strength: plotted as Background area.
TREND: Trend is represented by Green and Red Area around Threshold line

red indicates down trend
green indicates up trend
grey indicates sideways

Weak ADX levels are treated sideways and a channel is plotted on ADX and PLUS and MINUS lines . NO TRADES are to be TAKEN on within the SIDEWAYS region.

Settings are not required as it purely works on Default settings. However Donchian Length can be changed from settings.

Timeframes below 1Day are screened. Riverflow strategy works on timeframe 5M and above timeframe. so option is not provided for lower timeframes.

Best suits for INTRADAY and LONG TERM Trading


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