ILM COT Financial Table - CFTC

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Use this indicator on Daily Timeframe

Please refer to the below link for CFTC Financials

This script shows the Financial COT for the respective instrument by deriving the CFTC code.
Option is provided to override the CFTC code
User can also configure the historical CFTC data view

The script calculates the Long% vs Short% for various categories (Dealers/Asset Managers/Leveraged Funds/Other Reportables) and color codes the column appropriately.
The goal of this script is to show all the financial CFTC data on a single page to digest the data better in a tabular form

Fixed the default TradingView Library which has some errors with CFTC code mapping.
For example, SPX CFTC Code #13874+ which is the most important one where big players take positions is not there in the default Library.
Enhanced CFTC Override Input parameter to list all the CFTC Financial codes with Description for better selection
Also added a footer to the table to display the CFTC description
Reduced precision of percentage to 0 decimals to save on screen real estate.


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