4C NYSE Market Breadth Ratio

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The NYSE Market Breadth Ratio is considered by some to be the “king” of market internals. It lets you know instantly how strong current buying or selling pressure is in the broad market, to eliminate guessing or opinion.

This indicator plots the Market Breadth Ratio values for the NYSE and the NASD exchanges in real time.
It also plots the NYSE Market Breadth Ratio in a histogram plot for visual reference.
The indicator dynamically changes colors between green and red depending on whether breadth is currently positive or negative.

This indicator divides the 'Up-Volume' ("UVOL") by 'Down-Volume' ("DVOL"), for each exchange.

It can be added to any chart, but is incredibly useful when added to other sources of market internals like the NYSE Advancers/Decliners Difference (ticker ADD) or with the NYSE UVOL / DVOL Difference (ticker VOLD ).

Credit goes to author=@auron9000 as the bulk of this code was from their Breadth Ratio Bubbles indicator.
---> The changes made to their indicator include: bug fixes where the values werent properly updating; fixed indicator to be a separate plot (not chart overlay), and added the histogram plot.
***UPDATE 07/06/22***
Added a third table that dynamically plots the value of the NYSE Advancers minus Decliners (ticker 'ADD').
The 4C NYSE Market Breadth Ratio indicator is very useful when used with the ADD chart, and now makes it easier to see the ADD value alongside the Breadth Ratio values.
Fixed script - it recently (randomly) started to call on the incorrect "DVOL" ticker, giving an incorrect NYSE Breadth Ratio, and the column plot for the NYSE Breadth was also incorrect.
Changed to call on the ticker "USI:DVOL"
11/10/22 Updates
1) Moved the Labels (table) to the right of the indicator, as the old version the labels were often overlapping and covering up the indicator histogram plot.
2) Changed the Label sizing to automatic. The previous text was set to large and was often overlapping the and covering up the indicator histogram plot.
3) Added a zeroline horizontal line plot
Update - Gave the ability to adjust the text size in the Table Cells

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