Oscillator Edges

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Another simple script to be added on top of other indicators. Simply provides a symbol of varying color depending on the value of the oscillator. Allows up to 4 different colors in each direction. Includes alerts conditions. Demonstration is the indicator being applied to the RSI (purple) included in Market Cipher B.

To use, simply add it to your indicator, and choose and oscillator of your choice in the Input Settings. Alternatively, you can just keep it on 'close' and use the built in RSI. Or, you can use the RSI formula on top of something else (if that's your thing).

The names are silly, so I hope this is okay with all of you.
Let me know what you think, and if there are any problems, questions, or concerns!
Adjusted default values. This is my preference - thought I'd set the defaults such that they're not overcrowding the oscillator window.
Fixed colors
Complete overhaul here
  • Updated to v5
  • Added different types of moving averages to your source input, as well as a gradient fill in between the averages based on the extent in your oscillator
  • Added built in presets for certain often used Oscillators. I'll add more in the future.
  • Added a space for the oscillator area itself
  • Made the color change much more gradient
  • Changes some defaults

Everything looks great to me, but if you have any problems or suggestions, feel free to drop a comment.
Fixed chart not displaying properly in demo
Fixed typo, added colored gradient based on RSI to moving averages
Added lots more. I understand a lot of you might be using this indicator for the simplicity, and tendency for it not to clutter your window. With all these new changes, this could very well get in the way of that. It is for that reason, I've made sure there is no part of this you can't disable to return it back to "stock," aside from the silly names and incremental color changes.
In addition, the colors are much, much more gradient now. I've introduced a number of symbols to demonstrate the behavior of your oscillator. While in the past, we relied strictly on color changes, now we have behavior for oscillator crosses, bounces, and levels.
A bounce above/below your specifies level will display a triangle either facing up, or down, depending on if it's an upper/lower directional bounce. For example, if the oscillator goes low-high-low, the triangle will point up △, demonstrating the space inside the bounce. Similarly, Crosses will indicate an oscillator EMA cross, and a diamond will indicate a cross in the trending direction, indicating sioscillator sideways behavior. I've also included small triangles disabled by default to indicate directional changes within "neutral" territory.
Providing this possibility opens up the world for much more, so I've included the bitmap i used for the symbol logic. Maybe, in the future, I'll turn this simple little thing into a suite, but for now, I think it's best I move on with my other projects.

Let me know what you think!

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