ATR with Impulse Alerts

This is a very simple script which simply plots an ATR (the built-in ATR function, using RMA) and plots a cross when the previously closed bar is larger than the ATR by a given threshold. There are also alert conditions set so you can be alerted when these impulse bars show up, either up or down bars. Have fun and safe trading!
發布通知: Update: I also added a plot for the actual range of each bar since I found myself calculating it occasionally.
發布通知: Reordered plots.
發布通知: Several updates to the format and visibility of the indicator.
發布通知: Added a minimum size setting for the impulse move bars.
發布通知: Added the option to adjust the filter by another ATR multiplier rather than flat values so it works across more assets.
發布通知: Added an alertcondition that captures both up and down moves so alerts can be set that don't use as many alert slots if used on multiple instruments.

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