SpreadTrade - Auto-Cointegration (ps5)

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Decsription: Auto-Cointegration-Based Pair Trading Strategy (revised version)

To review, there are three popular styles of Pair trading: distance-based pair trading, correlation-based pair trading and cointegration-based pair trading. Typically, they require preliminary statistical estimation of the viability of the corresponding strategy.
Basically a pair trade strategy boils down to shorting the outperforming instrument and going long on the underperforming instrument whenever the temporary correlation weakens which means one instrument is going up and another is going down. Apart from the typical cointegration strategy which employs two cointegrated instruments, this script uses just one instrument, in base timeframe and in lagged timeframe, actually making it an auto-cointegration, or better still, an auto-correlation strategy.

Notice that each moving average function may require different Threshold settings.The orange cross symbol indicates the exit points. To filter out the signals use higher values for the LongWindow and the Threshold parameters. Also pay attention that in some cases with some moving averages the color of the signals has to be inverted.
Added tooltips and a tick count

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