Scripting Tutorial 5 - Triple Many Moving Averages Crossovers

This script is for a triple moving average indicator where the user can select from different types of moving averages and periods. This script improves upon tutorial 3 by adding source selection for MAs and another option for an MA that is not built-in, the HMA . It is meant as an educational script with well formatted styling, and references for specific functions.
發布通知: Title update
發布通知: Added DEMA and TEMA
發布通知: Added the ability to hide specific MAs, which will also hide any crossovers they were involved with.
發布通知: Changed plotshape to label.
發布通知: Image change
發布通知: Updated comments


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Hi Love your script! :) im new to this and needing help with 1 thing.
I need help coding a 8 sma and 15 sma crossing, I want it to print a colours circle/dot. I want the indicator to draw the sma data and display the dot on the 4hr chart
how can i do this??

Warm regards
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