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Introducing our new Inverse Fair Value Gap Screener! This screener can provide information about the latest Inverse Fair Value Gaps in up to 5 tickers. You can also customize the algorithm that finds the Inverse Fair Value Gaps and the styling of the screener.
Features of the new Inverse Fair Value Gap (IFVG) Screener :
  1. Find Latest Inverse Fair Value Gaps Across 5 Tickers
  2. Shows Their Information Of :
  3. Latest Status
  4. Number Of Retests
  5. Consumption Percent
  6. Volume
  7. Customizable Algorithm / Styling
A Fair Value Gap generally occur when there is an imbalance in the market. They can be detected by specific formations within the chart. An Inverse Fair Value Gap is when a FVG becomes invalidated, thus reversing the direction of the FVG.
IFVGs get consumed when a Close / Wick enters the IFVG zone. Check this example:
This screener then finds Fair Value Gaps across 5 different tickers, and shows the latest information about them.
Status ->
  1. Far -> The current price is far away from the IFVG.
  2. Approaching ⬆️/⬇️ -> The current price is approaching the IFVG, and the direction it's approaching from.
  3. Inside -> The price is currently inside the IFVG.
Retests -> Retest means the price tried to invalidate the IFVG, but failed to do so. Here you can see how many times the price retested the IFVG.
Consumed -> IFVGs get consumed when a Close / Wick enters the IFVG zone. For example, if the price hits the middle of the IFVG zone, the zone is considered 50% consumed.
Volume -> Volume of a IFVG is essentially the volume of the bar that broke the original FVG that formed it.
This screener can detect latest Inverse Fair Value Gaps and give information about them for up to 5 tickers. This saves the user time by showing them all in a dashboard at the same time. The screener also uniquely shows information about the number of retests and the consumed percent of the IFVG, as well as it's volume. We believe that this extra information will help you spot reliable IFVGs easier.
1. Tickers
You can set up to 5 tickers for the screener to scan Fair Value Gaps here. You can also enable / disable them and set their individual timeframes.
2. General Configuration
FVG Zone Invalidation -> Select between Wick & Close price for FVG Zone Invalidation.
IFVG Zone Invalidation -> Select between Wick & Close price for IFVG Zone Invalidation. This setting also switches the type for IFVG consumption.
Zone Filtering -> With "Average Range" selected, algorithm will find FVG zones in comparison with average range of last bars in the chart. With the "Volume Threshold" option, you may select a Volume Threshold % to spot FVGs with a larger total volume than average.
FVG Detection -> With the "Same Type" option, all 3 bars that formed the FVG should be the same type. (Bullish / Bearish). If the "All" option is selected, bar types may vary between Bullish / Bearish.
Detection Sensitivity -> You may select between Low, Normal or High FVG detection sensitivity. This will essentially determine the size of the spotted FVGs, with lower sensitivities resulting in spotting bigger FVGs, and higher sensitivities resulting in spotting all sizes of FVGs.

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