Moving Average Oscillator by [DM]

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Greetings colleagues
Today I share an indicator that I had been thinking about for a long time. Its a easy idea but not easy to exploit"
The signals are generated the same as a MACD but the signal lengths are different.
In its standard form, the average signal of all signals is shown.
It has been designed for all those who use moving stockings in a conventional way and do not want to see the moving stockings in the price.
The options are endless on the indicator.
  • Show or hide all signals
  • Show or hide fill color of the signals
  • Show or hide fill gradient color of the signals
  • Show or hide horizontal lines
  • Graduation of horizontal lines with only one parameter
  • Show or hide fill color of horizontal lines
  • Show or hide fill gradient color of the horizontal lines
  • Alarms can be configured with any crossover
  • All sign lengths can be adjusted
  • You can change the color of each horizontal line and / or hide
Minor Changes
Added BB with squeeze alerts
Default value of sensibility 0.01 is possible set 0.02 for better results.
Major changes
Greetings on demand the signal has been amplified * 10 another setting has been added to be able to adjust the reversal notices in high volatility of the bb
Updated log and tooltip
fix squeeze alerts


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