Initial Balance (IB) and Previous Day / Week High, Low & Close

Plots Historical key levels for volume profile idea.

Plots the following:
- Previous Day High
- Previous Day Low
- Previous Day Close
- Previous Day IB High
- Previous Day IB Low
- Current Days IB High
- Current Days IB Low

IB is based on first hour of trading.

Made specifically for ASX stocks, have not tested it on other exchanges or assets.
發布通知: Fixed bugs

The indicator will now create a IB area for the current day, and shade it, and store details of previous days IB session and display it as a plot line.

Historical IB's can be switched on and viewed via settings.

IB session length can be altered in the settings.
發布通知: Just updated how high and low is sourced for IB so that its real price, and is not effected by changing to Heikin ashi candles, or others.
發布通知: updated error in IB being updated all day rather than just IB time.
發布通知: Updated and cleaned up the IB indicator

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