Average True Range Bands

This is a simple script to assist you in manual backtesting! Perfect for the NNFX crowd or anyone that enjoys manual backtesting.

1. Slap this bad boy on your chart.
2. Adjust period and multiplier (defaults are 14 period and 1.5x).
3. Put on the indicator/system you are testing.
4. Enter bar replay mode.
5. Drag your long/short position take profit and stop loss to the upper and lower bands.
(long/short positions are available on the left-hand toolbar)
6. Profit!

If you enjoy/use this script, drop me a follow and please note me in your code!
I'm *almost* always available for collabs and questions.
Telegram: @dasanc
Discord: dasanc#4826
BTC tip jar: 3PjHRLYKsHGajgf8j1SVzEy7xSaqR26ET8
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Thanks for sharing!
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