Intraday Super Sectors v2.0

This indicator plots the two 'Super Sectors' (Cyclical and Defensive) showing intraday change from open


For reference:

Defensive Sectors:
XLE Energy (not always considered a true defensive sector, but I've thrown it in here for balance)
XLP Consumer Staples
XLU Utilities
XLV Health Care

Cyclical Sectors:
XLB Materials
XLC Communication Services
XLF Financials
XLI Industrials
XLK Information Technology
XLRE Real Estate
XLY Consumer Discretionary

Sector data retrieved from https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/SPY/hold... on May 1, 2022

You're welcome to update the sector weightings from time to time. Don't worry about making it exactly 100% - the script automatically compensates and dynamically adjusts.


Outside of the cash session, you won't see anything (lines, clouds, %change etc.) which is perfectly normal. If you want to check to see if it really works, the 'replay' function might help!


* originally motivated by Cody to finish what I'd started, and feedback from TT and MDSS groups to 'always do better' (thanks guys!)
發布通知: Added option to turn off numerical display of all the individual sectors - helpful if you're using this on a phone!

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