HTF Candle Boxes for LTF Charts

krollo041 已更新   

This indicator allows you to show an outline of a Higher Time Frame (HTF) candle on a Lower Time Frame (LTF) chart. Options include selecting the HTF interval, and an option to either show a single shaded Box for the candle (High to Low), or a shaded box for the body (Open to Close) with the High to Low shown in an unshaded box. The purpose is to easily visualise what the previous HTF candles look like as you are working on the lower charts, for example was yesterday's candle Bullish, Bearsish, indecision, a Doji etc.
Added the option to not paint the current HTF bar, default is not
This version cleans up the painting of the last candle as previously it would create multiple boxes on each new candle if in real-time.
Also added is the optional inclusion to show the Pip-Range of the HTF candle.

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