Hodrick-Prescott Channel [Loxx]

Hodrick-Prescott Channel is a fast and slow moving average that moves inside a channel. Breakouts are when the fast ma crosses up over the slow ma and breakdowns are the opposite. The white moving average is the fast ma, the slow moving average is the red/green ma.

What is Hodrick–Prescott filter?
The Hodrick–Prescott filter (also known as Hodrick–Prescott decomposition) is a mathematical tool used in macroeconomics, especially in real business cycle theory, to remove the cyclical component of a time series from raw data. It is used to obtain a smoothed-curve representation of a time series, one that is more sensitive to long-term than to short-term fluctuations. The adjustment of the sensitivity of the trend to short-term fluctuations is achieved by modifying a multiplier Lambda.

The filter was popularized in the field of economics in the 1990s by economists Robert J. Hodrick and Nobel Memorial Prize winner Edward C. Prescott, though it was first proposed much earlier by E. T. Whittaker in 1923.

There are some drawbacks to use the HP filter than you can read here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hodrick%E2%80%93Prescott_filter

  • Bar coloring
  • Signals
  • Alerts


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