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🎯 Introducing the Volumetric Fair Value Gaps by AlgoAlpha 🎯

Embrace the power of volume and price action with the Volumetric Fair Value Gaps (VFVG) indicator, designed meticulously by AlgoAlpha. This innovative tool enhances your charting capabilities by highlighting fair value gaps in real-time, facilitating superior market entry and exit decisions. 🚀📈

🔍 Key Features:
🔹 Fair Value Gap Detection: Utilizes price action and volume to identify significant fair value gaps, offering potential high-probability trading opportunities.
🔹 Adjustability: Customize the sensitivity with 'FVG Noise Reduction Length' and 'Noise Reduction Factor' to match the volatility and characteristics of the asset being traded.
🔹 Visual Appeal: Displays bullish gaps in a soothing Bullish Color and bearish gaps in a striking Bearish Color, making it easy to spot and analyze trends on the fly.
🔹 Overlay Feature: Plots directly on the price chart for seamless integration and analysis.

🌟 Quick Guide to Using the Volumetric Fair Value Gaps Indicator:

🛠 Add the Indicator: Add the indicator to favourites and set it up with your desired settings.

📊 Market Analysis: Watch for the appearance of colored boxes (blue for bearish, gray for bullish) which represent the fair value gaps. These are high-probability areas for reversals or continuations. FVGs with higher volume are implied to induce a stronger reaction on price.

🔔 Alerts: Set up alerts to notify you when new gaps are detected, ensuring you never miss out on potential trades!

🛠 How It Works:
The Volumetric Fair Value Gaps (VFVG) indicator identifies significant price gaps that are not just based on price action but are also substantiated by volume, which are often overlooked in typical analyses. It operates by comparing the current candle’s price range against historical averages and is calculated over a user-defined period, displayed with volume for further insights. For a gap to be recognized as significant (either bullish or bearish), it must exceed a certain size relative to these averages, which can be adjusted for sensitivity using the provided settings. Bullish gaps are identified when the current low is higher than the second previous high after surpassing the threshold, and bearish gaps are marked when the current high is below the second previous low, similarly surpassing the threshold. This dual-confirmation (volume and price deviation) approach minimizes false signals and enhances the reliability of identified gaps.

Maximize your trading strategy with the VFVG Indicator by AlgoAlpha and turn those gaps into opportunities! 🌈✨
Added the option to remove mitigated FVGs

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