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The Oasis Trading Group Automated Trading Bot is designed to follow trend and alert the user to potential Buy and Sell Entry Points. It is also equip with Take Profits, Automatic Support and Resistance , and Alerts for when price is breaking or bouncing off these Support and Resistance Levels. It also has a built in Stop Loss that will conservatively keep the user in the trade as long as possible.

The Bot is mainly focused on following trend strength and volatility , when the criteria is met for an entry it will trigger a Buy/Sell and then give Take Profit points that will act as suggestions for the user to take partial profit while letting the rest of the trade ride.

The Bot works best on Heikin Ashi Candles but they are not required. Because it is a trend bot, the higher time frames will be stronger.

Finally, the Oasis Trading Group Bot is equip with many different alerts for the user to fully automate their trading experience through TradingView Alerts.

For Access or Questions: Private message us. Thank you.
發布通知: - Removed Breakout and Breakdown Arrows until they can be updated.

-Updated Alert Text to match signal text. "Close Long" switched to "Sell"
發布通知: - Fixed Short Stop Loss Bug
- Updated Visuals for Stop Loss
- Added Alert for Short Stop Loss
發布通知: - Fixed Short Stop Loss Trigger Location. Now it is Above the Bar.
發布通知: - Fixed Support and Resistance Alerts
- Fixed Short Take Profit Labels Not Showing
發布通知: - Fixed Sell Label not showing if the candle was stopping out a Buy
- Added Short and Exit Short Alerts for Automation Purposes
發布通知: Launch Version:
OTG Trading Bot is designed to be used on high time frames, Daily, 3 Day, Weekly, Monthly. It is a trend following bot that is designed with full automation in mind. With built in alerts for every signal it can fully automate using TradingView alerts.

It performs very well on trending assets, such as indexes, Bitcoin/Ethereum, alt-coins, futures, etc... for ranging assets it is recommended to use more user discretion and confluence from other indicators.

If you wish to use it on lower time frames it is not recommended to be automated and an increased user discretion is recommended.

- All known bugs fixed
- Updated to v.5
- Turned off Support/Resistance Lines by default, can be turned on in settings
- Turned off Stop Loss by default, can be turned on in settings


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For Access or Questions: Private message us. Thank you.