Combined Moving Averages + Squeeze & Volume Spike Signals

This is a set of 4 combined moving averages. Each moving average is a combination of an EMA, SMA, HMA, RMA, WMA and VWMA with the same length as set in your input settings. All 6 of them are added together and then divided by 6 for an average of all of them. This is based on the theory that most traders use their own preference of moving averages, so combining them all should give us a better idea of where price should actually react since we are using the average of what most traders are using on their charts. It also smooths the moving averages out as well so you get a much easier to read moving average than any of them on their own which should help you hold positions longer and time your entries better.

The default lengths used for this indicator are as follows: 10, 50, 100 and 500. These lengths can be updated in the settings. The 10 and 500 will change colors when the individual moving average is less than or greater than its previous value. Price above or below the moving average does not affect the colors. The 50 and 100 are colored based on whether the 50 is greater/less than the 100.

The two middle length moving averages by default are the 50 and 100. This has been turned into a cloud because it is the area where price typically bounces, since tons of traders use the 50 and 100 moving averages. This should be your long/short zone when price is trending.

Each moving average can be set to use a different source such as close, open, high, low, ohlc4, etc. You can also adjust the length of each moving average. Default settings work well, but feel free to customize them to your liking. You can also change the colors of the lines in the settings.

Beware that changing the lengths of MA #2 and MA #3 will change the signals, squeezes and the cloud.

The cloud will change to a brighter color when a volume spike is detected. When a major volume spike is detected, it will turn very bright colored green/red according to the direction of the cloud. This notifies you of volume spikes so you have a better idea of how strong the trend is. If the cloud is a dark green/red then that means that volume is less than or equal to the recent median volume.

There are also signals that will be given when the current candle is in the cloud, the candle is going in the same direction as the cloud, the MA #2 and MA #3 is going in the same direction and a volume spike is detected. These help you identify good entries when markets are trending. Be cautious of these signals when the trend is sideways and not clearly moving in one direction. The signals can be turned on or off in the settings.

Many times when moving averages squeeze together, a big move happens shortly after. Because of this I added a yellow background color when a squeeze is detected. It looks at the median value difference of the MA #2 and MA #3 and if the current value difference is less than the median multiplied by the multiplier in the settings then it will change the background color to notify you. The default value of the multiplier is .6, meaning the squeeze signal will only show if the current value difference of the cloud is less than .6 of the median difference. The multiplier can be adjusted in the settings to suit your preferences. Lower values will only show tighter squeezes.

This indicator can be used on all markets including stocks, crypto, futures and forex.

This indicator can be used on all timeframes.

We recommend pairing this combined moving average with Trend Friend Swing Trade And Scalp Signals for extra confluence. Look for price to bounce in the cloud with good volume and a confirming signal from Trend Friend for highly probable moves.

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