Profit Percentage Tracker

This script provides a quick and easy way to visualize profits in a chart, based on the given entry date and price.
Optionally, alerts can be sent when profits cross up the given "profit unit".

In short:
  • Tracks how much profit one could take based on the input "entry date" and the input "entry price"
  • These inputs are interactive (
  • Displays the result in a label on top of the last candle
  • (Optional) Sends alerts based on the given "profit unit", that is: if '0.5' is given, then an alert is triggered every time the profit is raised by that number
    (Be careful with low values, as TradingView could stop an alert if it triggers too much.)

For alerts to be displayed, a "script alert" must be created right after the script was added to the chart:
(Choose 'Profits' as condition and 'Any alert() function call')

Good to know: if you check "Notify on app", alerts can be delivered directly to your phone:

The chart's timezone has to be set to "Exchange" (this is required in order to support the alert's logic):
發布通知: Refactoring and the introduction of two input variables:
  • alertPrefix: Add a custom prefix to the first line of the alert to indicate whatever you like. E.g.: "". (A trailing white space will be added automatically.)
  • shoudDebugInfo: Check this box to see the values of the main variables on the chart, below bars. This is for debugging purposes only.

Also notice that the input variable "shouldSendAlerts" was removed; alerts are sent if there is a TradingView alert created / configured beforehand... and the opposite is also true. So the variable wasn't really necessary.
發布通知: Fixes a typo.
發布通知: Adds a "targetSymbol". That's the symbol for which the indicator is being configured.

This allows for switching to other symbols in the same tab without showing wrong profit data.

If you would like to add multiple profit indicators for different symbols, just insert another profit indicator that targets the new symbol.

Notice: the entry must match the chart's symbol exactly. That is, for example: "BTCUSDT" (instead of just "BTC").

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