True Range Adjusted Exponential Moving Average [CC]

The True Range Adjusted Exponential Moving Average was created by Vitali Apirine (Stocks and Commodities Jan 2023 pgs 22-27) and this is the latest indicator in his EMA variation series. He has been tweaking the traditional EMA formula using various methods and this indicator of course uses the True Range indicator. The way that this indicator works is that it uses a stochastic of the True Range vs its highest and lowest values over a fixed length to create a multiple which increases as the True Range rises to its highest level and decreases as the True Range falls. This in turn will adjust the Ema to rise or fall depending on the underlying True Range. As with all of my indicators, I have color coded it to turn green when it detects a buy signal or turn red when it detects a sell signal. Darker colors mean it is a very strong signal and let me know if you find any settings that work well overall vs the default settings.

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