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Learning to trade is complicated enough, so to make the process it little less daunting, I decided to create something helpful.
This indicator relieves you of drawing the same lines and levels over and over each trading day.
It also provides key price levels for you to watch when the trading session starts.

This project is inspired by the ICT 2022 Mentorship.

This indicator was designed and tested to practice and trade the CME Index Futures like Nasdaq, S&P500 and the DOW.
The concepts by ICT are known to work on other markets like Crypto, but I haven't tested that so use at your own risk.


When a new trading day starts, the following lipstick is put on the chart:

Vertical lines:
- Globex (Overnight) Session Start @17.00
- New York Midnight @ 00:00
- New York AM Session Start @ 08.30
- CME Open @ 09.30
- New York Lunch Start @12.00
- New York PM Session Start @13.00
- New York PM Session End @ 16.30

Important levels:
- Globex (Overnight) Session Opening price
- Globex (Overnight) Session High
- Globex (Overnight) Session Low
- New York Mignight Opening Price

Additional features:

- Shows the day of the week at the bottom for your convenience
- London Killzone Vertical lines
- London Killzone Highlight
- NY Lunch No-Trade-Zone Highlight
- Important levels have a small label to show their meaning and price
- Almost everything is customizable: colors, line types, times, etc
- Customizable timezone setting in case you don't want to work on ICT's recommended timezone (New York UTC-4)
- Toggle to Show only Today's drawings on the chart. You can choose to display all chart lipstick from almost a month of trading data to do your research. Ideal if you want to determine the daily profiles for example.


London Killzone Highlight turned on:

Multi Day Lipstick:
- Added New York 08.30 Opening Price line
- Added Weekly Open price line
- Added Monthly Open price line
- Shortened the Indicator's title on the chart (ICT Index Futures)
- Rearranged the settings menu a bit
- Made the indicator code a bit more efficient

** Of course all new lines are customizable and can be turned off if you want.
  • Fixed an issue with the NY Midnight Opening Line not showing
  • Linestyle can be separately adjusted for the Vertical Dividers and Horizontal Price lines
I present a new version of the indicator with new features and a few bug annoying bugs squashed.

A lot of you also wanted more options to use this script in other markets, like Forex.
So I went to work and:

Added the Asian Killzone together with High/Low levels
Added London Open Killzone High/Low levels
Added the NY Open Killzone together with High/Low levels

Totally re-did the Settings menu, almost everything is configurable now.
Take your time to check it all out and customize what you want.

Al lot of options are turned off by default, otherwise your chart will look very messy :)
Just pick the options you want.

New options:

Configure Opacity for the Killzones
Option to set Opacity Lunchzone
Option to set Opacity for Vertical lines


Fixed: Adjusting the color of 08.30 would change the Mignight line as well
Fixed: Midnight Open Price and AM Open (horizontal levels) not showing on non Futures like FX or Gold

If you already have the indicator added to your chart, you need to remove it and add it back.

If you find bugs or issues, just let me know.

Good luck with your trading.
A new Summer update is here...

  • Daily High and Low tracking lines added
  • Fixed a bug that made the NY Midnight horizontal price line extend 2 days in the past.
  • Major: Added an option to only show the drawings of the past x days. 0 = Show only today's session. You can also show the past 5 or 20+ sessions.
  • Modified default Killzone times. According to ICT's Algorithmic Model 2: Asian 8pm-00pm | London 2am-5am | New York 7am-10am
  • Cleaned up the code, so it should work faster
A big update means another round of bug fixes:

- Asian High/Low price lines not showing on some cases
- Globex Open price line wouldn't show on Mondays
- Indicator worked fine on Index Futures, but not on FX Anymore. Fixed and tested with "futures", "cfd", "index" and "forex"

Known issue: this indicator behaves oddly with stocks. Keep in mind, it was designed for Futures - and FX was added on later.
New option: Horizontal High/Low Levels of the Asian-, London- and NY Killzone are now hidden by default.
They can be turned on again via Settings.

New default setting "Show drawings of last # Session Days" is now 1 instead of 0.
The 0 setting only works for Futures. Other instruments need 1 to show the indicator correctly.

PS: This version does not work well with stocks, but it wasn't intended to be used for stocks anyway.
I'll release the old code as a separate indicator, since that code did word with stocks.


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