ATR Daily Levels

Plots the daily ATR on the chart as upper and lower levels.

It can be use to adapt your trading in high and low periods of market volatility , determine reasonable target or take profit, entry at likely mean reversion, stop loss beyond normal flows etc...

More on the script behavior:
- Daily ATR upper/lower levels are applied on the current day low/high;
- The ATR value is defined by the last D1 bar;
- Shows up to D1 timeframe;
- Configuration for the indicator's period (default: 20 period ATR);
- Configuration for plotting the indicator on the the x axis with an offset/at begining of the day (default: offset);
發布通知: Fix input period on ATR.
  • enable switching daily ATR values between yesterday-today;
  • allow styling of levels at default and overflow states;
  • change display values from fixed to rounded numbers;
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Nice code and useful indicator. Thx for sharing.

On testing, I noticed the indicator repaints (changes values in session several times). This I didn't expect, as the levels are static and based on values in the past.
To replicate what I saw, try replay on stock FSLY on 1min
sbtnc nashlow
@nashlow, Thank you !

The ATR may be static but not the levels. For example the upper level is calculated by applying the ATR on the curent day's low, so whenever a new low is made the upper level updates consequently (same goes with the lower level on new daily high).
Thanks for sharing and maintaining this indicator -- I appreciate its front end simplicity. Very useful overall. Cheers!
sbtnc waterslide
@waterslide, Many thanks, truly appreciate it !!
just an observation, This doesnt take the gap up/down into account .. daily ATR level is calculated from the previoud day's close.
sbtnc JNAYAK
@JNAYAK, Thanks, I appreciate your feedback ! Next for me, I'll investigate this.
sbtnc JNAYAK
@JNAYAK, v3.0 now allows in the settings to switch the calculation using the current day's ATR.
thank you for this ... May I know why it doesnt change the levels even i change the input period?
sbtnc JNAYAK
@JNAYAK, Thank you for reporting this ! That was a bug and it's now fixed on version 2.0.
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